Canadian Permanent Residence Options for International Students

When it comes to permanent resident (PR) application for international students, determining if one is eligible to apply for permanent residence depends on the category of the international students. There are generally two broad categories of international students in Canada. Below is a description of this category and immigration option available to them. International students without any [...]

July 25th, 2016|1 Comment

Canadian Immigration Processing Times

The  average processing time for complete applications are update on the Canadian Immigration website weekly. It is important to check average processing time of an application you have submitted before you contact immigration or beginning getting worried over delays in hearing back from your applications. You can check processing times for the following types of [...]

July 23rd, 2016|4 Comments

2016 Canadian Immigration Changes

The minister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, John McCallum announced that the Trudeau government is ready to introduce changes to the current immigration system. Top of his agenda includes; Speed of up of Family class immigration - They are working on streamlining the process as well as introducing new and improved policies. “We’re working to [...]

July 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Canadian Multiple Entry vs Single Entry Visa

Recently, a friend asked a question about single entry visa and multiple entry visa and I realized a lot had changed since the last time I applied for one.  Here is what you need to know about  these types of visas. Similarities They both are valid for a fixed period and cannot be used after [...]

June 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

Good News for Spousal Permanent Resident Applicants

On June 13, 2016, the Government of Canada provided some update on their plans to  grant permanent residence to more spouses, partners and dependent children of Canadian citizens and permanent residents this year. This plan will lead to a significant reduction in the back log of existing applications and speed up the process going forward. The [...]

June 17th, 2016|2 Comments

Minimum Wages of International Students in Canada

Prospective international students are often very curious about their ability to work while studying in a Canadian University or College. A previous post talked about what international students can typically expect about finding employment in Canada while studying. Today’s post is an update to that post with updated minimum wages in various provinces in Canada [...]

June 14th, 2016|5 Comments

Canadian Permanent Residence Granted after Four Rejections

Today, another Cannime reader, Dolapo is sharing her Canadian Immigration experience with us. Fasten your seat belts as the Canadian immigration story you are about to read is most likely one you have possibly never heard of before. Before you dive into her Canadian Immigration story and experience, let me provide you with some background [...]

June 10th, 2016|8 Comments

The New Canada Child Benefit

The Liberal Party promised some  changes to the Canada Child benefit and those changes are on their way to be implemented soon. These changes included Elimination of the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) which every Canadian child under the age of 6 received $160/month and kids between the ages of 6-17 received $60/month. Providing one [...]

June 7th, 2016|6 Comments

Benefits of Post Graduate Diploma

Some prospective post-graduate students are usually faced with the decision of deciding whether to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate (PGD/C) or Masters program. Some students don't have the minimum requirement for Master's degree in Canada and are unsure if considering the next option, a PGD/C is a wise decision. In recent times, PGDs/Cs have become increasingly [...]

June 6th, 2016|7 Comments

Ladun’s Experience- Nigeria to Canada

Today's post features one of Cannime's pioneer follower and client -Ladun. She is a Nigerian student studying in Canada. She shares her experience on; Searching for a school Deciding on a program of study Applying for Study permit from Nigeria Arriving in Canada and  Her Canadian Educational experience Please introduce yourself to our readers My [...]

May 4th, 2016|1 Comment